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Recording With Ribbon Microphones Part 2

As promised in the last blog, here are some audio clips showing the results using the Epiphone Blues 30 Combo Amp.

Blues Solo
AEA R84 Blues_30_R84.mp3
Cad Trion 7000 Blues_30_Cad_7000.mp3
Avantone CR-14 Blues_30_CR14.mp3
Cascade Fathead 2 Blues_30_Fathead2.mp3

Funky Rhythm
AEA R84 Rythmn_R84.mp3
Cad Trion 7000 Rythmn_Cad7000.mp3
Avantone CR-14 Rythmn_CR14.mp3
Cascade Fathead 2 Rythmn_Fathead2.mp3

Here are some photos of the mic placement.

As shown in the photos, I place the ribbon mics around 2 feet back from the speaker cab. Place your hand in front of the amp to feel the air pressure coming from the speaker.  Certain ribbon mics are sensitive to air blasts, so to avoid damage to the mic, move it back from the speaker until you can’t feel the air coming from it. You can move the mic in a little closer - 9 inches is as close as I usually go.

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