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Recording Vintage Guitars by Mike Harrison

I’m a big fan of the past, so anytime I get to record someone playing an old vintage guitar it’s a real treat, especially if it’s a rare one. A few weeks ago, I got to play and record some of these rare birds. I find that most of the time I don’t have to do much mixing to get the right sound.  The vintage guitars are classic and usually have just the right sound. My favorites are the old archtop guitars usually found on jazz recordings, but they work on all kinds of music and can give a song that something extra that it needs.

Tip: Try adding effects or distortion to these guitars to get a sound that is different than you would normally expect.

Here is a recording of a western swing solo using a 1938 Gibson ES 150 archtop electric with its traditional sound. Clip 1 (1938_Gibson_ES-150.mp3)

Here is a recording of a western swing rhythm part using a 1963 Gibson Tal Farlow archtop electric with its traditional sound. Clip 2 (1963_Gibson_Tal_Farlow.mp3)

Left to Right: 1966 Gibson Barney Kessell, 1963 Gibson Tal Farlow, 1938 Gibson ES 150

Next time I’ll show some ways to give a new sound to an old guitar.

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