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Epiphone Blues Custom 30

As an Epiphone endorsee, Gary recently received the new Blues Custom 30 to work into his live shows.  These blogs will track his use of various Epiphone instruments and amplifiers over the course of time.  We hope, through Gary’s keen insight , you can learn some valuable tricks, tips and just some good old fashioned tried and true info that you can incorporate into your playing.

When I opened the box and pulled the amp out, I was amazed at the sturdy construction; although simple and straightforward in its attributes, it is more meticulous than most in its detail, as well, in appointments and design.  Very retro and cool.

I plugged the Epiphone Blues Custom 30 in and commenced to putting this amp through every pace/application I could think of. Big reverb with rockabilly twang, fat bluesy tones with just a little bit of dirt, gargantuan crunch, and even A/B tested some of the same settings with different guitars.

I made a discovery: When other amps that I have rarely portray a marked difference in tonality, this particular unit came through and showed me tones that I never thought were even available to me on my main guitar, which I’ve had since 1991. The other great thing is purity and sustain that happens naturally with a Class A amplifier.

The speaker mass here commensurate for my immediate application is more than enough for some of those 1000+ tunes in my repertoire which may include ZZ Top, Green Day, Ozzy, Peter Gabriel, Motorhead, etc, but in times of delicate nuance, the Lenny Breau harmonic cascades and the pluckiness of Mark Knopfler are still there, ringing true in a way, certainly that I’ve never heard before at a gig with noteworthy (no pun intended) fidelity.

I am looking forward to giving an account of the performance of this amplifier through various situations and gigs, with different types of music.

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