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Robot and Dark Fire Guitars

Gibson USA is pleased to announce replacement items for first generation Robots and Dark Fire as early as January 2010.  We have to work through details on all of the components and then we will make them available to you.

We will have the Robot Battery, Power Plug Adapter, Robot Charger, RIP hex to MIDI Cable, Dark Fire Battery Pack, Dar Fire Charger/Split Box and the Dark Fire Transformer/Power Adapter available soon.  These components will be available to replace existing equipment which may have failed or was unavailable at the time of purchase. 

We will also be making the PowerHead Tuners, MCK Knob, CPUs and Dark Fire System Poti available as well.  However, these components will need to be installed at our Service Centers.  These products require special handling due to the electronics. 

For those of you wanting to upgrade your first generation robot guitars, we are working on a package to do just that.  The current challenges involve making new electronics that fit the original guitars.  The new tuners developed for Dark Fire required a significant change to the form of the original robot guitar which we knew would not please our customers.  With some new electronics modifications, we have overcome those challenges. 

We are preparing some prototypes in the factory now.  As we go through this process, I will update the blog and keep you in the loop.

 Happy Holidays to you and yours from Gibson USA!

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