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Passion for Your Guitar

This is Chris Anderson and I am excited to be talking to you again about Gibson Guitars. I’m on my second week here and I am starting to gain a better understanding of the deep passion that each and every one of you has for your Gibson. You know what I am talking about. It’s about the first time that you met and she had your attention! That feeling of excitement and awe that led you to the question, should I have her?  Can she be mine? The point where all rational thought left you and you convinced yourself that life without her would not be worth much.  I’m talking about the passion for your guitar that only true guitar-heads feel and understand. Yes, it is also about the music, but it’s more about the guitar that you hold every night before you nod off. It’s about the one that keeps you playing longer than you should and with more passion that you thought possible.   It’s the one and only Gibson!

Keep it real and keep it Gibson!

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