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Gibson Gear – The Great List of Guitar Gear Tips, Tricks and Hot Rod Mods (Part II)

“String Ping”

We have all heard the infamous string “ping” sound when tuning up our guitars. This phenomenon is caused by a string getting pinched in the nut slot and then releasing under the tension. Steel strings can wear down your nut slot and cause this problem. It’s something we all have to deal with sooner or later. Aside from a getting a full setup at your favorite Luthier or at the Gibson Repair and Restoration Shop I have a tip to share that can ease your pinging guitar trouble.

This tip comes to us from Dave Timmons. Dave has been with Gibson Gear for almost 23 years and is a smoking guitar player who has been gigging since he was a teen. When I asked him what his favorite guitar tip was, he said: “That’s easy, I learned it from Joe Perry’s guitar tech.” Needless to say, I was all ears. Dave went on to explain that Carmex lip balm works great as a nut lubricant for your strings. You can scrape a little Carmex out of the tin with a knife or guitar pick and smear it into the nut slots. Wipe off the excess and you’re done.

This tip is great because it’s easy, it’s cheap and you can find Carmex almost anywhere, anytime of the day or night.

I encourage you to write me with your tips, mods or suggestions and I will spotlight one of them every week. Feel free to include your guitar playing bio, favorite gear, location or whatever you would like people to know about you. If you want to send a picture in, too, go for it. Make sure it’s less than 2 MB. Send your submission to

Thanks again to Dave Timmons for sharing. Until next week, keep playing.

Kevin Philbin Product Manager – Gibson Gear

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