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A Visit to Japan

A visit to Japan is the opportunity for one to think outside the boundaries of our own home here in the USA, and Montana. This visit to Japan was a business trip which provided us a chance to talk to customers 5000 miles from where we make the fabulous Gibson Acoustic Guitar’s. The insight gained from our customers here in Japan was invaluable – reinforcing just how important it is to produce the highest quality acoustic guitars.
Like the USA, Japan faces many economic challenges. These challenging times have tremendous effect on the way people live their lives and how they earn a living. They also affect the guitar market. Japan is an amazing market for acoustic guitars, and especially for Gibson Acoustic Guitars. The Japanese have a long history with, and a passion for, Gibson. It also helps that there are highly passionate Gibson people in Japan who support all our efforts.
Having been to Japan a year ago I have noticed a big difference in the selection of guitars at the dealers. The biggest difference is that there is an increasing number of used guitars – beautiful vintage Gibson’s, and other brands! While there are more of these guitars, it was truly amazing to see the wide array of vintage Gibson’s in the market. One store, known as “G” store, displayed a wide array – over 20 vintage Gibson Acoustic guitars – from the early 60’s through the late 90’s. Beautiful works of art that can be bought for very competitive prices.
I wanted to share these few brief thoughts as we spend time in this very important market – Japan is a beautiful and unique place, there is a love of Gibson and they face the same challenging economic issues that we face in the USA.

Posted: 3/12/2009 3:32:19 PM with Comments | Add Comment | Email Link | Permalink
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