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Update: The CL Fox Custom...

I promised an update on the CL Fox by Valerie Bolitho a couple of weeks ago, and here it is!  Completed, and ready for shipping, this Custom Line guitar sounded so magnificent with its crisp highs and full body lows, that it was hard to get it out of our Master Inspector's (Josh Dierman's) hands.  Now with its custom ebony bridge and faux tortoise shell pick guard in place, this guitar truly stands out as a fabulous piece of art.  View these images and decide for yourself.

Gibson Acoustic in beautiful Bozeman, Montana has the facility and the talent to create any masterpiece that you can conceive.  If you wish to make your dream guitar become a reality, please contact your local authorized Gibson Acoustic dealer and let us fulfill that dream for you.

Jason Jones, luthier for Gibson Acoustic 

Brad Schmidt setting up the CL Fox & Josh Dierman final inspecting it

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