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The "Sexy-Cool" Metamorphosis of The New Songwriter Deluxe Standard

Everything that you've come to expect from a Songwriter Deluxe is still there, from the distinctive style of the body to the hand picked Indian rosewood sides and back (and let's not forget that ever-popular sound and playability), but now we've brought it into the 21st century. 

Songwriter Deluxe Standard
The thing I noticed when I first laid eyes on the new Songwriter Deluxe Standard was the completely original and stylish fret board inlays designed by our creative services team which were patterned after the popular Advance Jumbo "arrows and diamond" inlay pattern.  Made out of authentic Mother-of-pearl shell, the classic meets the future with this one-of-a-kind design.  Next I noticed the flamed maple binding adorning not only the body, but the fret board and the head stock as well.  The contrast of the white flamed maple next to the dark hues of the Indian rosewood gives it a luxurious look that use to be reserved only for the higher priced custom "one-of-a-kind" guitars.  It takes a considerable amount of time and patience to apply wood binding, but it is definitely well worth it.  Add to this the newly designed ebony bridge (a sleeker, more modern approach to the Songwriter's original bridge), the classy abalone rosette, and the multi-colored strip of marquetry running down the center of the back of the guitar, and you have a guitar that will turn heads. 

Playability has not be ignore, however, as we have introduced, for the first time, our new compound radius fret board.  Now you have the ease of playing your favorite electric guitar neck with the dynamic tone of the Songwriter Deluxe.  Want the entire neighborhood to hear you?  The on-board electronics allows you to plug it in to your favorite amp and dial it to 11. 

The Indian rosewood and body shape still offers the well-balanced tones that made the Songwriter series popular in the first place.  The warm, deep lows and the bright treble tones are now enhanced by the hand scalloped braced top made out of our finest Sitka spruce.  

All this, and much more, makes this a juggernaut among the classics.  Find a Songwriter Deluxe Standard at your local Gibson Acoustic guitar dealer and see if you don't agree with us that this guitar is "sexy-cool". 


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