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Green Day, Andrew Baron and Billie Joe Armstrong’s Gibson J-180

Gibson, Green Day and Andrew Baron

Recently, a Green Day and Gibson fan, Andrew B., attended a Green Day concert and came away with one really fantastic memory. Andrew's story in his own words and a picture of him with the great Gibson guitar:

"I went to the Green Day concert on August 3rd 2010 in Camden NJ. This was the first show of their American tour. As always, the band played an incredible set. Once they were done Billie Joe came out for an acoustic encore. He played "When It's Time," "Wake Me Up When September Ends," (for which the whole band came out on stage again), and lastly "Good Riddance (Time of Your Life)." After that final song, Billie Joe started to take off his guitar strap and it seemed like he was planning to give away the guitar. He walked over right in front of me, pointed at me, and said that the guitar was mine. Security told me to climb over the barricade and get on stage. They handed me the guitar and ran me straight backstage to a VIP room. I've absolutely idolized this band since 1994 when I first heard them, so this moment was just incredible for me. It was great to see once again how much the band truly appreciates their fans."

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