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You never know what's going to be in your inbox.

Well you never know what’s going to happen when you check your email. 

First, a little background: I’m way into guitars, and way into tech (check my bio). Gibson really caught my attention a couple years ago with their Digital Guitar, which became the centerpiece of my act with Public Enemy’s Brian Hardgrove, called EV2. You can find out how I used it on my blog detailing our first festival gig using the Digital Guitar.

Then came the Robot Guitar. Like many people, at first I thought it was for people who couldn’t tune a guitar, but Gibson was insistent that I check it out because they thought I’d appreciate it. Well, I was wrong … first of all, the ability to do alternate tunings is unreal, but also, I record a lot of sample libraries and the guitar’s tuning has to be perfect. Without the Robot Guitar, I spent more time tuning than playing; with the Robot Guitar, my recording workflow improved 200%. Very cool.

So when I got an email from Henry Juszkiewicz, Gibson’s CEO, asking if I was interested in getting involved in a new high-tech guitar product, I was intrigued. He wanted to know if I was available to do some consulting, and I assumed this would be like what I do for a lot of companies: They pay for a couple hours of my time, and I give them some ideas about marketing, or make sure the documentation is okay, and then move on.

Wrong again …

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