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The Robot II becomes Dark Fire

Dark Fire originally went by the name Robot II and I figured that’s what it was: an updated Robot guitar. I knew that Tronical, the company behind the Robot technology, was working on a second-generation version. But after a lengthy conversion, it became obvious that Robot II was only a small piece of the puzzle. The new guitar would have individual outputs like the Digital Guitar, using a clever analog multiplexing scheme and a piezo hex pickup. But this would also be in addition to magnetic pickups.

Another part of the package would be an interface box, called RIP (Robot Interface Pack). Overall, you could get nine outputs from the guitar: The straight magnetic pickup sound, the piezo sound, the six individual outputs, and surprisingly, there’s an output connector on the back of the interface that’s compatible with Roland’s guitar synth products. This was definitely getting interesting.

And if it had stopped there, that would have been cool. But then I found out about the Chameleon Tone Technology.

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