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Getting ready to go home ...

Well the last day in Germany, so we're pretty much cleaning up loose ends. The Gibson Entertainment Relations office has open wi-fi, so it's time to hit the email.

My day started with Gerhard Behles of Ableton. He was sick, and had sent me an email the night before basically saying "don't show up, but if you don't reply, I'll come to the office." Well, I didn't see the email so we did ended up having breakfast. He felt better the next day and I never caught what he caught, so all was well.

We discussed many different future subjects that looked beyond Dark Fire, but as that falls under the "cone of silence," I won't say anything.

After Ableton, I meandered over to the Gibson office in Berlin. I took my time, and along with hitting the local Saturn (sort of like a German Best Buy) and picking up a few CDs I couldn't get in the states, I snapped a bunch of photos on the way over. So, enjoy the next 8 pix - I don't know the significance of any of the landmarks, but I figured they'd be a nice break from all the tech shots.

I said in a previous entry I'd take some more pictures of the guitars in the ER offices, so here they are. For starters, here's a mint version of the Digital Les Paul.

You gotta love this 12-string/6-string SG double-neck. I was extremely sad to realize I could not hide it under my coat as I walked out.

Check out this wall of Flying Vs ...

Here's Lucille.

... And here's her headstock.

Of course, there's an infamous Reverse V.

And since Brian Hardgroove is a Steinberger bass fan, I took a picture of this Steinberger guitar.

Speaking of Brian, he Skyped us at the ER offices about getting ahold of some esoteric part that holds his bass strap ... he may not have a mean bone in his body, but straps would disagree with that assessment. He's a very physical player.

Patrick Arp from Native Instruments came over to work out some final details about the presets with Brian Espinoza, and I started work on some of the templates for Ableton Live Lite 7 Gibson studio Edition. But I realized that with a seven AM flight, I needed to get up around 4AM and an early dinner was in order. So that's exactly what happened, followed by packing.

And that's enough for today. For the next entry, I'll be back in the USA ... let's see what happens next!

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