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Learning from Your Mistakes!

This “learning from your mistakes” is really a Cardinal rule when it comes to being a guitar player, and certainly when it also comes to being in the field of music. Unfortunately, many of us haven’t learned that much from our mistakes, as in many aspects of life, both political and non-political, but it usually is easiest when applied to simply playing the guitar!

I was always learning from my errors, especially as a self-made and self-taught guitar player. That period was mostly during my own private playing hours with myself, because when playing live with people and really “laying it on the line” I also learned how to avoid the mistake-making areas of my guitar and of the music in general, so I could at least avoid some of the danger zones. And boy, it can really be hazardous out here in the world if you don’t know what you’re really doing yet on that fret board! Meanwhile, as you do get better and better, with less mistakes, and what I refer to as “search and destroy missions” on the guitar, the more confident you become, and you simply start to sound better and better. The confidence factor is really huge when it comes to being able to get gigs too. I can remember Artie Garfunkel telling me that “the minute I walked through that door” for his audition, I already had the gig! I guess he had been around long enough to know what he was seeing, and also what to look for in a professional player. Of course, I still could’ve flubbed all the notes and blown the audition, but at least that wasn’t the case, thank goodness!

So working on your playing and learning from your wrong-doings on the guitar will only serve to improve everything in your life, as you move forward into the professional music world. Not only do you need to exude confidence, but your playing has to show it, and show that you can back up what you’re at least claiming to be! Once you’re really established as a player, folks will come to “expect” the confidence to come right along with you, and there’s nothing like having that “swagger” that shows you really know what you’re doing!

But remember that for some, and you may be included, it doesn’t always come that easy, and it will take time to train your ear properly to not send you down the wrong path on the guitar, and that it will become something you can trust to always help you make the right choices, and to always make the best music possible! Good luck with it all!!

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