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More New vs. Vintage Guitars

It’s really a plain fact that a lot of the companies these days are really making an effort to recapture what they had done in their manufacturing days gone by. So much of the “vintage” boom has been based on the fact that “they just don’t make them like that anymore”, and it was true for quite some time. There are still vintage finds to be had, sometimes even at reasonable prices, but not like the old days, for sure! Much of the true vintage guitars have priced themselves out of most people’s reach, but have no fear, the new guitars are really getting great!

I am not here to do any “plugging”, but I have to say that I am extremely pleased with the new Gibson that are being made. If you watch my lessons, you’ll see that I use a myriad of new Gibson guitars, and I can definitely attest to the fact that they were all totally consistent in quality and manufacture, and were a joy and actually inspiring to play!

I know you’re at the stage of looking for guitars (what guitar player isn’t?!) and you have to make many decisions based on budget. All the manufacturers these days who offer some good, low-priced instruments are making a good effort to offer instruments that can fit into a working person’s budget.  It’s incredible how some guitars that just a short time ago were $500 are now $5000, and on and on, but I believe that a lot of the current guitars being made are the “collectibles” of the future. Get yourself some good affordable guitar, and if it plays right and sounds right, you’ll be amazed at how attached you’ll become to it….regardless of price! Many times, its “perceived value” that can fool people; they may think a guitar is better just because it costs more, when in actuality a very inexpensive instrument may really do the trick. So, you simply must keep on looking, and also choose from the great assortment of new instruments that are available these days. For sure, you will find not only one, but a multiplicity of great new as well as vintage instruments that will “fill the bill!” Happy guitar hunting….the thrill of the search is half the excitement, believe me!

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