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"Day Dreaming" Guitar

I can recall in my early days of developing as a player, just how much the guitar had seemed to have completely taken me over, body and mind! I used to love to come up with something new every day on the instrument, since I was, after all, completely self-taught. But it was not a “discipline” that drove me on to keep learning and playing, but rather a real “need” and an artistic drive that seemed to simply keep feeding on itself.

I know that “day dreaming” the guitar, or as what I used to call the “big neck in the sky”, would always keep me imagining new ideas and concepts. I can recall being on a bus coming home from school, and having almost an entire new song written in my head, including new riffs and positions on the neck, that I couldn’t WAIT to try out as soon as I got home! Once I got home, the world belonged to me and my instrument, and it wasn’t uncommon to have my parents come home and find me asleep on the chair, guitar in hand, and often with the turntable at the end of the record, skipping over and over.

I still am a great believer in guitar “day dreaming”, as a means of keeping new ideas happening. It also, most of all, still shows if you have that “spark” that keeps your ideas and experimenting alive, because let’s face it, you must first be able to “hear” it, in addition to then being able to play what you are hearing inside!

I’ll bet this is what even made the great John Sebastian write one of his classics, “Daydream”. For all we know, he may have “day dreamed” that song all on its own, with not a piece of paper in sight to write on!

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