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Rockin' the House, Acoustic Style!

Last night was really one of the most incredible concert experiences of my life. I got to play a mostly solo acoustic show in front of at least 150 loyal fans who came out to see me play in a lovely old church in Woodbury, Ct. The first true excitement for me was the fact that I got to have that nice “churchy” sound in that place. It had such a “pure” acoustic tone and sound I felt like I could literally “play” the room and really work the spatial quality of the hall itself. The lovely high ceilings, the warmth of the crowd, it all came together, and the several standing ovations sure didn’t hurt, either!

It’s always a lovely experience when folks really appreciate music that comes from the heart, and it was one of those nights where you could really feel it bouncing back and forth between the audience and me. Even after, there was a special reception held, where I got to meet many of the fans, and then a special dinner was also held for me at an historic home in town. There was much lively music and otherwise discussion at the table, and the folks were really appreciating my wild stories of being in the music business. It was a great interchange, and there were fans there that drove hundreds of miles just for the show! I couldn’t believe the outpouring of appreciation. It made me think about how wonderful it would be to really be on the road again, and to do a solo tour playing these kinds of places. After all, most of the fans there didn’t know that it was really a “local” gig for me, so this could be going on just about anywhere!

It all comes back to what I’ve been talking about in other blogs about playing with feeling, and doing the best you can. I decided to do the gig solo acoustic, (part of the show was with my second guitarist, student and friend, Matt Rae) and a band would’ve been just way too much for that kind of venue anyway. But still, it’s a great option for you all to think about….that you can do solo acoustic (or electric) gigs, and not always have to depend on a band. You ARE the band when you can master the guitar enough to carry a whole show on your own two shoulders, and there’s nothing more satisfying than knowing you can accomplish this. The “space” you get to work within when playing this way is just amazing, and you really start to understand how it’s the time between the notes that really matters. After all, the mediums we work in as musical artists are sound, time and space, and the more of it we can have control of, the more rewarding it can become! Till next time, keep playing it from the heart!

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