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More Days with Danny Gatton

My dear late, great friend was such an enigma. Sometimes he was the most jovial guy you could ever meet, and other times he was really down in the dumps, and severely depressed. He rarely let others see that side of him, but there were sometimes when I noticed it.

The truth was that many times, he was just plain sick of playing gigs. It must’ve all seemed like too much of an effort to him after awhile, especially seeing that he had already given the best playing years of his life to so many gigs he had lost count, and they were the kinds of gigs that basically “led to nowhere”. I personally have also experienced this feeling, such as the days when I used to sell out Kenny’s Castaways, a legendary club in NY for years it seemed, every weekend with lines around the block, but unable to ever get any influential music biz or record label people to come down and see me.

Developing that kind of “core audience” and having a ral stronghold you can count on is a great way for anyone to see you performing, because the folks there are your “true” fans, and would go night after night to support you.

Still, I at least had NYC as my backyard, while Danny was out in the boonies in the D.C. area. It’s an area resplendent with great guitar talent, and there are a preponderance of local clubs, old-time crab houses, roadhouses and juke joints that you almost never see in the north anymore, and where I don’t even think the clientele realizes what incredible talent they have to enjoy on an almost nightly basis!

I’ve had a chance to play in some of them down there, and it creates an audience/performer kind of rapport that is rarely seen in this day and age.

These are the kinds of places where Danny honed his fabulous skills, as well as players such as Roy Buchanan, Nils Lofgren and many of the other D.C area greats also.

My continued story with Danny will keep on going, so please continue to stay tuned!

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