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When You Play Together, Listen to Each Other!

This blog installment is basically an addendum and continuation of the last installment whyere I was talking about getting together with other musicians to play. It’s imperative that when you are finally playing with other musicians, that you learn to musically listen to each other and listen to each other as people, too.


It’s so important that you make everyone feel “included”, even if someone may not be at the very top of the pecking order of the band. I can say from personal experience that the worst feeling is when you feel like what you have to say doesn’t matter. This happens on large scales too, for example, like when I used to play with Paul Simon, he was always open to new suggestions, and in fact most of all the song arrangements we had were largely a group decision of all the collective players. Paul of course, had the final say, he is the “boss” after all, but many of us felt like at least our suggestions were heard!


Then, when we listened to or played the final creation, we at least felt that the music was reached as a “general consensus” amongst the musicians concerned, and there was something in each song we could all feel proud of. No charts were used, no notes to read…none of that. But when we all felt ready to play, and had reached the final decisions, we decided to roll tape!


When you have your bands or jam buddies together, please make sure that nobody feels left out. Even if it takes time to finally decide why a given idea must be rejected, if it takes enough time and discussion, you’ll see that even the one who had the idea to begin with, will be much more likely to understand, and to go along with the final decision, minus a bruised ego! Give it a try…it’ll make the whole experience far more rewarding, and much more fun!

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