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Finding a Manager/Agent

It’s always been a critical thing for anyone who wants to really ride a wave of success in this business to have a good manager or agent. Unfortunately, that’s an awfully hard person to come by, and finding one you can really trust, or who really believes in you can be a difficult and frustrating process. After all, when we have an agent or manager, (it’s better to have both, by the way!) you need to have someone who you know really can represent the “real you”, and who always has your best interest at heart. Sometimes there are managers who are so consumed with their own ego and how they picture you that they can actually “blow” many great opportunities that may present themselves without you ever even knowing there was such a chance offered to you.

The best managers I’ve ever seen, without question, are the ones who deeply love and understand their artist. This more often than not means that they came to the managerial side of things quite by accident, and that it came more as a result of them trying to fill a need they saw for their musical friend they had so much belief in. They may not yet know “the ropes” as far as the business is concerned, but what they don’t know will certainly be soon changed into knowledge, and their lack of initial knowledge will certainly be made up for my their belief in, ad love for, their artist and his/her music!

If this occurs at an early age for the both of you, it’s a great chance for you both to “grow” together into the music business, and all the crazy experiences that will inevitably follow. Unfortunately, I have seen many manager/artist relationships fall by the wayside when things just seemed to really be “taking off” for the performer. Clashes of personality and ego can certainly flare up and occur, not to mention just the sheer volume of agents and managers who end up getting too greedy, and who eventually steal from the artist. I have seen this on many very low and very high levels, sometimes involving literally millions of dollars that were taken without even being noticed for a long time! As the income grows, so does the temptation for someone who has a thieving heart, and sometimes it gets the best of them. In the long run, they all get caught, yet it just amazes me how many times this continues to happen. We of course, hear about the highest profile cases, the ones involving the biggest stars and the most money, but it also happens to thousands of artists on a much lower scale of income, but who get ripped off nonetheless.

So most of all, you must have an agent or manager you can really trust with not only representing you, but also in handling your finances, and making sure you are treated fairly by everyone. They have to be at the frontline, taking the shots for you, so you don’t have to be exposed to the uglier parts of the business, and so you can stay concentrating on the most important thing of all...your music!

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