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Keeping Your Dreams Alive

It’s no secret that one must have a dream to simply keep on going. In a danger-fraught world such as music this is truer than ever. I know that I have had my personal dreams realized and also dashed forever in my own personal and professional life, and it seems at times to be a never-ending rollercoaster of triumphs and tragedies for me. Yet still, I press on, as I only know how to.

It’s daunting to say the least sometimes, especially when you have to always “blow your own horn,” a very uncomfortable place to be professionally. I mean, who really wants to have to talk to someone like a club owner who’s never heard of you and have to tell him your life story?!
This all can get very tiring and quite debilitating, and can really make you want to give up sometimes, but if you do in fact, have a real dream, you must go on!

Also, remember that this can take many shapes. I mean, if, for example, you just had a day of calling booking agents who won’t ever return your calls, channel that drive into something else that might be even more productive, such as writing a song! Why not? The act of songwriting really can get rid of a lot of tension that’s built up within you, not to mention it may be that very song you are penning that may make those club owners wish they had called you back, as you become a star so big that you would never play in a dump like theirs ever again!
It’s a tricky road, and even though folks say you need luck, the only luck in this biz is the kind you really earn. You must put as much positive energy “out there” so some of it will come back to you. And come back it will, because I believe that all good things lead to more good things, and it can become like a chain reaction of positivity, as long as you stay focused, and make all the right things happen.
Connections, and “who you know” are never enough … it’s all about what YOU are saying as a player, musician, performer etc. that will really decide your eventual fate in the business. It only makes sense, as we know that while the business keeps on changing into new forms every day, the one constant will always be your talent and determination … that can never be artificially created or duplicated!

'Til next time … 

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