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Hello everyone!

Hello everyone, and I first want to thank all of you for the wonderful and positive reactions I’ve been getting for my Gibson lessons! It seemed like a good and natural next step to start writing a blog that you could all keep track of, and where I could further get my ideas and thoughts across to you.

I have always, in addition to being a professional guitarist, been a great lover of writing. I have actually published 12 books to date, and I had a monthly column, “Hot Guitar” in Guitar Player Magazine for 10 years straight. These columns have also been turned into a book, Hot Guitar.
In this first entry, I figured we’d just get settled in and comfortable with each other, before I start discussing the innumerable topics I’d love to talk about. My years as a sideman, recording artist, teacher, father, author, songwriter, entrepreneur, touring artist, etc. will all come into play as I cover many topics. The range will be quite broad, from the art of guitar tone, all the way to the philosophy behind why one may write a certain song, I will really try to cover all the bases.
Why is it that we love the guitar so much? What are the particular sensual aspects of this rare creature that makes it the most popular instrument of all time? I know, that from the first moments I held her in my arms, the guitar was meant for me, and with my dad encouraging me, saying that he could literally “picture me with the guitar” even before I was playing it, it was certainly all the incentive I needed to get started. A few basic classical lessons aside, I was, and continue to be, completely self-taught. This is a road I have been on for a long time which has actually served to become further cemented in its foundation of self-reliance. I feel that this has only served to make me a better player as well as a teacher, because it’s the dissection and understanding of this self-taught journey that has really helped me help others to teach themselves.
After all, in the end, no matter how much help we’ve had along the way, we still are really teaching ourselves. This is what pushed me to jump up onstage with some of my favorite artists in Woodstock, NY when I was only 17 with a total belief in my own abilities. If you don’t take that first step, you may never be heard, and that’s so important to developing more self-confidence. I know you probably feel like you’ve heard this stuff before, but believe me, you’re getting it from the SOURCE here!
Anyway, I feel I’ve started this all off on the right foot, and my future entries will continue to build on this information. I want to make you all the best and most accomplished players you can ever be, and there’s great solace in the understanding that this is a process that literally never ends! See you next time…

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