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New Recording Dates!

There’s nothing like the feeling of when the phone rings, and you know you’re booked on another recording date. For me, it’s nice these days, because I get called for “my sound” which means I can really put my best foot forward as far as the music goes, and that my initial, first-take response to the music is always captured. It’s very important to never miss someone’s “first take” on a song, and today I did that for a recording date where I was working on 3 songs for a new “Indie” artist. It felt great and a lot like the “old days” when I seemed to have 5 or 6 sessions like that every week, especially during the big ‘70s “singer/songwriter” era. That was a time of great “open canvases” to work with, and the singers I was accompanying were very open to having me truly improvise and make their songs even better!

I find that a new, and very exciting generation of song writers and players are on the rise these days, and it feels like a kind of “renewal” for me, in terms of the way I used to conduct my musical business. It’s a very creative time, and many of these singer/songwriters, as well as players, are the offspring of musicians who like me, have been doing it for a very long time, and who have passed on not only talent to our children, but also our experiences. It’s still important for the young players today to make their way on their own, and they certainly do, but it’s always a good thing to have some expertise passed on from their forefathers as well! This is what I love doing with my daughter Lexie, and of course, what I did with my late daughter, Gillian, who had become a truly gifted player at such a young age.

It’s also one thing to be involved recording your own music in the studio, and then to work on other people’s projects. Yes, I carried into the studio today the “chops” that have been well-built up from working on my new album, but I also had to come in with “fresh ears” to be open to the new music. This was a fun thing to do, as I always love to see how that initial reaction for me will be, and even more importantly, how the artist and the producer react, which was great! It makes you feel so valued, and also like you still “have it!” After all, there was a time when I was definitely the guy to call, now I’m the guy with the great reputation, but who people think they can’t call since I’m so “famous.” Truth is, now I need the work more than ever, as many players my age really need, and it feels better than ever to actually be wanted, needed and loved! But seriously, there’s nothing like recording again, and when someone calls you for “your sound”, it’s really the icing on the cake! May you, too, one day be called for “your own sound”, and I hope you enjoy all the recording you ever take part in!

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