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The Art of Soloing

A couple of years back, I had to create a video about The Art of Soloing for Hot Licks, which used to be my company for 25 years. I realized that when I embarked upon this idea, it was really a chance to delve into “teaching the unteachable.” This is because the ideas we are talking about are so subjective, and abstract…and who’s to say what is right or wrong when taking a solo? After all, we each have our own way of looking at things, and melodically, we definitely have our own unique ideas.

I suddenly realized that the “Art of Soloing” entails literally anything and everything! So what do I teach to teach soloing…ANYTHING! Because it all applies…I mean, why, for example, is my best solo usually my first take on a song? Because I have the tools and experience to react purely emotionally, where the thought process behind the notes is at a one-to-one clip. It feels as if there are no thoughts going on, only feelings, and this is when we are really playing at our highest and purest level of creativity.

So, in essence, when you are taking my Gibson lessons with me online, even though many are very short, the ideas presented should always be thought of as something that can be applied to your creative “arsenal”, which you can always call upon during key soloing situations, Obviously, I am assuming an awful lot here that you still may not know, but the essence of the solo, and the concepts behind it are the most important things.

I will be writing more about this very important subject in coming blogs, as we explore these concepts even further. Till then, see you next time, and keep on playing!

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