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Reuniting with Musicians from Way Back!

One of the most fun things I’m going to get to do on this new album I’m cutting this weekend is that I’m reuniting with one of my most beloved old friends and players from many years ago. I realized that the drummer I had used on 5 of my first 4 albums, and who I played with on many other artist’s tours, was just a plane flight away, and was more than willing to make it from the west coast to do the sessions! This totally put me at ease, because my normal drummer will be on the road till mid-July, and the only reason I use him is because he actually reminds of THIS guy, who I played with 20+ years ago!

It’s amazing how fast time flies, especially when you get a “reality check” like he and I are getting…we’ve been talking about how we both were once the “hot new kids” on our instruments, and now we’re suddenly the “grand old masters!” One thing is for sure; we are both better now than we were back then, yet when it comes to playing together, we already know it’ll be just like riding a bike for us! Mike Braun has always been an ideal “guitarist’s drummer”, and I have always loved how he can really “lock in” with me on my rhythmic approach to my lead licks and rhythm parts, sometimes seemingly as if we are reading each other’s minds! This kind of connection is so incredibly valuable, and given the chance again, I’m so happy to tap into that wonderful artistic well once again!

Another interesting part of putting together sessions like this is also bringing forth players who are “new” to my musical sphere, and blending them with my longtime, veteran players for a really nice and spontaneous kind of musical “summit”! I have always been a fan of assembling players I can trust, and I so look forward to the experience of putting these players, and all their collective years of playing, in one room, and making real music happen!

There is no feeling like reuniting with great players you know from your past, and it’s a wonderful thing to do for the soul, too. The music you will make will be that much better and richer for it, and the experience is always enriching, and is truly one of the great things about being in music, in the first place! Just go to a session where old friends reunite for some new music, and you’ll be the witness to some truly funny, touching and emotional moments for sure! Here to the good old days, making good new music!

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