Arlen Roth

I can safely say that there are in many ways, no better times spent than the times you spend relaxing with your instrument. The guitar is always your “best companion” and friend when you may be feeling a little under the weather, down and out, full of melancholy or may just need a companion. And melancholy is one of the key words when it comes to being creative. I feel that most of the best music is created in a more “reflective” or “melancholy” state of mind, and that if you reach deep enough, the guitar will become a true extension of your spirit.
I love to be able to find the time to relax at home with my guitars and truly come up with not only many new and fresh ideas, but also just to in essence, dream with the instrument. Usually it reflects the kind of day it might be; whether it’s laid back or hectic, or somewhere in-between…. regardless, it can certainly pump some much-needed energy into an otherwise distracted  situation.
I find that pets love the sound of you playing music in the house too, and it seems to calm them down and put them in a mood that is also harmonious with the environment. Years ago, when I had cats, they would always rush to sit right in front of the amp when I played or gave a lesson, and I find now that my new puppy, Penny, loves when I play and when there is music on in the house. It calms her, and seems to hit all the right “vibrations” she loves to hear and feel!
You’ll also find that this time spent “relaxing” with your guitar can also turn into a very intense training period or better yet a song-writing extravaganza that might just take you where you’ve never been before! I come up with my best ideas in this way, and always try to leave my ears and mind open to new things while that guitar is in my hands! It’s an amazing thing too, because when I may hear these songs now, I still instantly recall those moments of inspiration that ‘brought” that song to me in the first place!
So, I hope that many of you find the time to make the time for you and your guitar together, and that in these moments of reflection and relaxation you can come up with the peace you need to turn it into a real inspired and creative time!