Arlen Roth

It’s always a cliché to a certain degree, but knowing that some of the best things and opportunities come from the strangest places is certainly something to keep in mind! You never know behind which door opportunity will knock, and it can often be the strangest of doors.
One thing has always been true in my case, in the fact that whatever good I have done has often led to even more good things, and then it seems to snowball even more so. Of course, the “no good deed goes unpunished” thing holds true as well, and you have to be able to take the bad with the good, and let the “good” be the stuff that “sticks” to you! Other folks around you and the people you may be making music with can also pick up on those “good” feelings, and in turn it just serves to improve everything around you, both musically and personally.
It can be as simple as standing at the doggie park and suddenly realizing you’re there with 3 other musicians, all of whom know of you (happened to me the other day), or riding on a train across the country and being given a ten thousand dollar check by a total stranger who wants you to produce her “divorce” video!! (Also something that actually happened to me!)
These days, that kind of “networking” can certainly happen at more of a lightning speed than in the past and I find that I can hook up and make things happen with people whom I have never even met thanks to certain nice introductions and associations with friends we both may have. This has been happening with my new Slide Guitar Summit album and documentary, and it seems that the more people who are involved in a positive way, the more positive things are happening! The main thing these days is to be sure to “get the word out” about what you’re doing. Really everyone for the most part wants good for each other, and it’s only the rare few who are malevolent when it comes to your good intentions.
So always be on the watch for just what may be a true indication of something that can be a positive move for you, because it may not come around again, and as I’ve always said, “good always leads to more good!” Make it happen!!