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3 New Instruments from Gibson Original

by Gabriel J. Hernandez

Gibson Original proudly unveils three new instruments — the new Inspired By Sam Bush Limited Edition ’34 Fern Mandolin, the 75th Anniversary F-10 Mandolin and the Limited Edition Vintage Granada “Hearts and Flowers” Banjo.

The Inspired By Sam Bush Limited Edition '34 Fern Mandolin

The Inspired By Sam Bush Limited Edition ’34 Fern Mandolin

The new Inspired By Sam Bush Limited Edition ’34 Fern Mandolin is based on an artist’s rendering of an F5 Fern mandolin from Gibson’s 1934 catalog. Astonishingly enough, our research concludes the mandolin was never produced, but that didn’t stop legendary American newgrass artist Sam Bush from falling in love with its design. Now, with the help of Gibson master luthier David Harvey, the fine craftsmen, resources and tradition of Gibson Original Acoustic Instruments, the Bush-inspired Limited Edition ’34 Fern Mandolin comes to life. It is now offered in a very limited number of only 25 instruments.

This mandolin features many of the same appointments as the instrument depicted in the 1934 catalog, including the figured maple body chassis with a red spruce top, the mother of pearl block fingerboard inlays and the Fern peghead inlay made from genuine abalone pearl. The instrument’s stunning nitro-cellulose lacquer finish — painted in a ’30s Iced Tea burst color — is also faithfully recreated, giving the instrument its alluring vintage patina.

But it wouldn’t be a Sam Bush Inspired By model if it didn’t have Bush’s personal touch. Starting with its figured maple neck, the new Inspired By Sam Bush ’34 Fern features the wider, radiused fingerboard favored by Bush, along with the large fret wire that is his personal preference — all honed to Bush’s exact specs. The ebony fingerboard also features a jazz “bird’s beak” fingerboard end that ensures pick clearance.

Each Inspired By ’34 Fern Mandolin will be personally inspected, played and have the inside labels signed by Bush to ensure his individual approval of every instrument. His signature also graces the back of each peghead, and each instrument is accompanied by a special certificate of authenticity, a picture of Sam with each mandolin and a Case Notes™ diary with comments about each mandolin personally written by Sam.

A closer look at the Sam Bush Inspired By model.

F-10 75th Anniversary mandolin

The 75th Anniversary F-10 Mandolin

The new 75th Anniversary F-10 Mandolin from Gibson Original Acoustic Instruments was designed in the same vein as the new Bush Inspired By model, taking its cue from a classic F-10 pattern first advertised and produced 75 years ago, and featured as new in the 1934 Gibson catalog.

The 75th Anniversary F-10 Mandolin features the same hand-cut urn inlay on the peghead, exactly as found on the original, and sculpted from genuine mother of pearl. Gibson’s classic leaves and flowers fingerboard inlay graces the instrument’s rosewood board, and is also sculpted from genuine mother of pearl.

In order to meet the demands of the modern player, the period-correct mahogany neck has been joined to the body at the 15th fret for maximum accessibility and optimum bridge placement, ensuring the instrument’s superior resonance and tone. Additionally, the tuning pegs have been drilled and splayed, and the pickguard has been appropriately resized.

Each 75th Anniversary F-10 Mandolin comes with a special certificate of authenticity, and a hardshell case.

The Limited Edition Vintage Granada “Hearts and Flowers” Banjo

The Limited Edition Vintage Granada “Hearts and Flowers” Banjo

The Limited Edition Vintage Granada “Hearts and Flowers” banjo draws on the beloved and legendary pre-War Gibson Granada banjos. The Vintage Granada “Hearts and Flowers” is handcrafted in Nashville, Tenn., by some of the finest banjo makers in the world.

Working from the original Gibson Granada specs, the Vintage Granada “Hearts and Flowers” features a classic Gibson flathead pot assembly and tone, with a traditional hearts and flowers inlay pattern. With all the beauty and aesthetics of the standard Granada Hearts and Flowers, the “Vintage” Granada also offers copper-flashed hardware and an RB-75 tone ring for an extremely warm yet focused tone.

This banjo will be released in a very limited run of only 20, complete with Certificate of Authenticity and a Gibson hardshell case.

A closer look at the Limited Edition Granada 'Hearts and Flowers' banjo.

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