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Baldwin Piano Supports Nashville International Airport's Growing Music Program, Custom Piano Finds Home in Tootsie’s Lounge


Patrons of Tootsie’s Orchid Lounge in the Nashville International Airport (BNA) wine, dine, and mingle around a giant Leopard. But fear not because this leopard isn’t live, rather it is a Baldwin Grand Custom piano featuring exclusive leopard print woodwork and design.

Gifted to BNA by Baldwin Piano, a division of Nashville-based Gibson Guitar, for permanent display in Tootsie’s Orchid Lounge on the non-secure side of the terminal, the Baldwin Custom Leopard Grand piano arrived at the airport on March 12. Country singer and songwriter Deborah Allen, who has performed at the airport, played a key role in partnering with Baldwin Piano on this project. Passengers and visitors alike are showing great interest in the uniquely designed piano causing it to also become the perfect photo spot for many who wish to take home that special keepsake photo from their travels.

The Leopard is part of Baldwin’s Custom Exotic Collection of pianos. This particular piano features hard rock maple cabinetry, virgin wool hammers and pure ebony wood sharps. The addition of the piano not only brings a glamorous aesthetic to Tootsie’s, but it also provides an exceptional in-house instrument for airport performers.  Baldwin Piano’s support was made specifically to the Metropolitan Airport Authority’s (MNAA) Arts at the Airport program.

“The Authority is grateful to our friends at Baldwin Piano for this generous donation,” said Raul Regalado, MNAA president and CEO.

Working closely with the Arts at the Airport Board, the MNAA showcases the region's visual and performing arts through its Arts at the Airport program, which receives some funding from the Tennessee Arts Commission. The award-winning Arts at the Airport program reviews and presents works by local, regional, and national artists for the enjoyment and enrichment of Nashville International Airport's (BNA) and John C. Tune Airport’s (JWN) passengers and visitors. In addition to visual art, Arts at the Airport includes music since it is an integral part of Nashville.

The arts come alive daily with musical performances on stages throughout BNA’s passenger terminal.

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