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Jorma Kaukonen's Fingerpicking Guitar Method

InstructorJorma Kaukonen
Publisher: Homespun
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This is the ultimate course in Jorma Kaukonen’s unique and influential blues and country guitar fingerpicking style, filled with invaluable wisdom, advice and techniques for learning pickers at all levels. Jorma gears this material to players who have little knowledge of the fingerpicking basics while skillfully engaging more experienced guitarists as well.

You’ll learn five traditional and original songs, each one becoming a springboard for important musical information that will be applicable to any songs you want to play. Jorma teaches at a leisurely pace, taking care to point out all the possible variations that will enable you to make each song your own.

Reviewing the chord positions needed for each song, Jorma slows them down phrase-by-phrase so that almost anyone will be able to play the piece with a little practice. He discusses his alternate bass thumb work, and adds runs, bends, double-stops, bass walk-ups, blues licks, turnarounds, endings and ornamental notes to enhance your fingerpicking and blues arrangements.

In addition to the instructional material, these sessions feature a dynamic “live” performance of each song by Jorma and his touring partner Barry Mitterhoff. They include much-requested tunes "I’ll Let You Know Before I Leave," "Trouble in Mind," "Tom Cat Blues," "Genesis" and "Vampire Women."

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