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Gibson Recommends The Plastiscines LP1

Russell Hall

Sporting a spot-on mix of punk brashness, pop shimmer, and ’60s-style groove, the Plastiscines are an all-female French group good enough to make you nearly forget just how gorgeous they are. Rife with thrashy, uptempo pop nuggets—half of which clock in at less that two minutes—LP1 evokes the joyous and carefree spirit that defined much of AM radio in the ’60s. Remember “Venus,” by the Shocking Blue? This quartet of 19-year-olds is cranking out material much like that, updated with Strokes-like urgency and sly humor. With her ES-335 up front in the mix, guitarist Marine Neuilly applies three-chord buzz-saw bluster to melodies that sometimes bounce, sometimes chop. Likewise, lead singer Katty Besnard, who oftentimes plays a Les Paul Custom, comes off as a French chanteuse equivalent of Debbie Harry, albeit with a more fiery edge. High points on the disc include “Mister Driver,” which sounds like the Go-Go’s covering a vintage Clash song; “Pop In, Pop Out!,” a sex kitten-ish nod to swinging ’60s trash-pop; and “(Zazie Fait De La) Bicyclette,” a baroque, cabaret-style tune that tosses some xylophone and carnival organ into the otherwise guitar-centric sound. It’s hard to imagine a more self-assured, seriously stellar debut than this one.