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Tsipi Mani

Tsipi Mani

"Black Eyed Peas"

"Black Eyed Peas" is a painted guitar celebrating the music and spirit of Los Angeles-based group the Black Eyed Peas. The graphic black, yellow and white guitar features the phrase "Ima Be" and a bold bee graphic.


Tsipi Mani is a modern artist. The elongated, graceful style made recognizable through her iconic statues. But Mani is a true original whose artistry reflects influences from ancient art to Art Nouveau, as well as modern and contemporary artists. She is a multi-media painter and sculptor with skill working in oils, clay, acrylic, bronze, aluminum and steel. She continues painting and accepts private commissions. Her sculpting reflects a love of communication through her hands, which she uses powerfully and masterfully to shape forms with many textured surfaces – giving each piece a raw and magnetic feeling. Irrespective of the media she chooses, this artist's creativity is matched by expert execution that comes only from years of study and countless hours in the studio. Her experience working in a variety of media and her innate sense of design have given her the ability to create 'statement' pieces using minimum materials for maximum effect.

Tsipi Mani's paintings and statues fill her home and can be seen in a Beverly Hills gallery, as well as in a few commercial buildings in West Hollywood.

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Gibson GuitarTown - Sunset Strip  - Black Eyed Peas by Tsipi Mani Gibson GuitarTown - Sunset Strip  - Black Eyed Peas by Tsipi Mani Gibson GuitarTown - Sunset Strip  - Black Eyed Peas by Tsipi Mani
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