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Juliana Martinez

Juliana Martinez

"There's Something Happening Here"

I sometimes get angry when I read about the '60s and '70s and all I see is "sex, drugs, rock and roll." While we were exploring freedom through what was seen as extreme action at that time, there was a large portion of young people who were taking advantage of having freedom of thought. My generation had the nerve to stand up and say, "Hey, why do we have to do it that way?", and then be brave enough to take another course of action and accept the consequences: sometimes innovative, sometimes tragic.

Buffalo Springfield was a "thinking hippy's" band. Everyone wants to have a great time, but here are a group of guys making amazing music that not only has a message, but delivers a challenge to the 1960s establishment.

I tried to include identifiable images on the guitar. The peace flag speaks for itself, but there are also maple leaves on a white background, in homage to Canadian Neil Young. There is a large bluebird, the name one of their hits. The flower border can also be found around the perimeter of their second album, "Buffalo Springfield Again," and it also represents a Southern influence (ever see the roses on a country singer's nudie suit?). The neck says "For What it's Worth," we all know what that is, and the large "Stop" pays tribute to the same song. The background is done in river rocks because they are not smooth and pretty and I didn't want everything polished and perfect. This is my tribute.


Juliana Martinez is originally from Puerto Rico but grew up in Los Angeles. She created her first mosaic at age 9 and was hooked. She currently creates public art pieces and accepts private commissions. This is her second contribution to the GuitarTown on The Sunset Strip art project. In 2010 she created a mosaic guitar celebrating the "Summer of Love."

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Gibson GuitarTown - Sunset Strip  - There's Something Happening Here by Juliana Martinez Gibson GuitarTown - Sunset Strip  - There's Something Happening Here by Juliana Martinez Gibson GuitarTown - Sunset Strip  - There's Something Happening Here by Juliana Martinez
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