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Obtaining warranty service

If you require warranty service in the U.S., you may contact your nearest authorized Gibson Warranty Repair Center. It is not necessary to contact Gibson first. The owner will be responsible for getting the instrument to the Warranty Center. If the instrument is shipped, freight and insurance must be prepaid.

If there is no Warranty Center in your area, you may contact your nearest authorized Gibson Dealer. Your dealer will evaluate the situation, then contact us for further instructions. All returns to Gibson must have a return authorization- any shipments that do not have authorization will he refused.

Only authorized Gibson service centers may perform warranty service - any service performed by unatlthorized persons will void your warranty. Gibson disclaims liability for defects or damages caused by service performed by unauthorized persons and all non-warranty service not performed by Gibson.

When contacting Gibson in writing you should include a complete description of the problem. If non-warranty work is recommended, a quotation will be issued and must be approved by the owner before such work is done. We appreciate a prompt notification of your wishes. It is not necessary to purchase non-warranty work in order to obtain service on materials covered by the warranty.

Subsequent to inspecting an instrument upon arrival, Gibson or the authorized Gibson Warranty Repair Center will advise you or your dealer of the approximate date of completion The repaired instrument or part will be returned to the owner or dealer, freight collect and insured.

International customers, please contact your International Distributor or local dealer for Warranty Service.

No representative or other person is authorized to assume for Gibson any liability except as stated above. For further information contact:

Gibson U. S. A.
309 Plus Park Boulevard
Nashville. TN 37217

(800) 444-2766