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Concert Master
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Concert Master

Baldwin ConcertMaster™ Mark II
With a distinguished history of musical excellence spanning more than a century, Baldwin is proud to announce a player piano system that combines old world craftsmanship with cutting-edge technology. The result is the Baldwin ConcertMaster Mark II. Retaining all of the romance and tradition of a classic grand piano, ConcertMaster magically brings your piano to life, capturing all the musical expressions of the original performing artist. Then ConcertMaster goes further, providing dazzling accompaniments, exciting new features and a multitude of entertainment options. All designed to satisfy your every musical wish.

You can now enjoy the excitement of live piano music in your home, even if you don’t play the piano! The Baldwin ConcertMaster Mark II player system converts a grand piano into an innovative and easy-to-use entertainment system. Sit back, relax and enjoy a solo piano performance, or a complete performance with instrumental, orchestral, and even vocal accompaniment. Your piano, combined with the ConcertMaster Mark II system, will provide superb music with just the touch of a button.

Baldwin ConcertMaster Mark II is the most user friendly system offering features and performance like no other system.

It is the present and the future! With Mark II you are entering a new age of player piano technologies.

So many possibilities, so many features and options, but it is all organized for easy operation. In minutes you can master the well designed remote control and take control of your entertainment.

The new Baldwin ConcertMaster™ Mark II offers the best playback, multiple play sources, storage options, play lists, easy operation, Internet communication and iPhone/iPod touch remote access.

Although the Mark II has more features than the popular ConcertMaster CCD player system, the designers and engineers managed to maintain the same small footprint. The Mark II is only slightly larger than its predecessors; but you will be amazed what is packed into this incredibly small package. In appearance we entered a whole new class. The elegant look of the Mark II will compliment even the most expensive piano. Features like the user controllable dot matrix display brightness control ensure the perfect blend between traditional look and technology.

In the age of digital music and entertainment everyone wants to be able to create music libraries, songs or play lists, organize favorites and customize individual performances. This is now all possible with the Baldwin ConcertMaster Mark II. It is the ultimate entertainment center. Live piano performances played as if the pianist were sitting at your piano. Add real orchestra accompaniment and even vocal from various format player piano CDs, or just select a song or a selection of songs from the large onboard library. Do you want to extend your collection?  Save and organize player piano format or MIDI files on a USB device such as; USB memory stick, USB Hard Disk, then connect it to one of the 3 USB ports available. Plug in a USB Wi-Fi interface and access the Internet Radio.


Use your iPhone or iPod touch as a wireless remote control for your player piano

Stay in touch with your player piano

Use your iPhone or iPod touch as a wireless remote control for your player piano. With these popular Apple products, you are able comfortably and effortlessly control your ConcertMaster Mark II. The user friendly multi touch and colorful graphic interface helps you to easily navigate your way through the functions. First, download the software application free of charge from your iTunes App Store (utilities/Pianoforce). The iPackage and WIFI Access Point is already installed on your ConcertMaster Mark II. Next simply touch the Pianoforce icon on your iPhone or iPod touch screen, and you are ready to create, play or organize your music selection. Adjust volume, accompaniment level, select source, libraries or albums. View song names, touch any title to play. Access all ConcertMaster Mark II functions from the iPhone/iPod touch display.


This innovative software empowers the Baldwin ConcertMaster Mark II to play along with the world’s most popular CDs. ConcertMaster can play along with a selected library of commercial audio CDs.

Examples from our Library:

Abba Alan Jackson Amy Grant
Andrea Bocelli Barbara Streisand Beatles
Billy Joel Walt Disney's Greatest Hits Elvis
Enya George Strait James Blunt
James Taylor Jimmy Buffet John Denver
Josh Groban Moody Blues Patsy Cline
Simon and Garfunkel Sleepless In Seatle The Platters

Now you can enjoy your favorite artist singing while your piano accompanies them in perfect synchronization. The piano accompaniments are unlocked in the ConcertMaster Mark IIs internal olibrary.


For update and technical support please contact: Mike.Rooks@PianoForce.com
Include the current OS version information with your inquiry
To check use:
MENU/ABOUT on your remote controller.


Manuals, Library Song List and more:

MP3 Samples:

Internet connection
Connect to the internet to update the operating system to the latest version. Move your favorite music into the Share Library and let other ConcertMaster owners enjoy it. Connect to the Internet Radio and enjoy streaming player piano music 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Touch-less sensors for Standby/On, CD-eject
The Mark II is incredibly advanced yet simple to operate. Power ON/OFF with the “virtual” button. There are no buttons to mar the look of the high gloss ebony exterior.
Display Adjustment
Adjust display light intensity, scroll speed, dim speed.
Name, re-name song title, album or library.
MIDI files can be synchronized to audio CD.
OGG files
OGG compressed files are recognized.
OGG audio compression
AMI (Player piano format), audio CD or .wav file can be compressed to OGG format.
AMI to MIDI conversion
AMI (Player piano format) can be converted to MIDI file when copied from player piano audio CD into internal memory.
AMI (player piano format) CD can be copied to internal library as MIDI file and/or OGG file with auto detection of song accompaniment.
Share Folder
Songs and albums can be shared with other ConcertMaster Mark II over the Internet.
Tree Structure
Removable media can be browsed in folders and sub-folders.
iPhone/iPod Touch remote access
Use you Apple iPhone or iPod ouch as remote controller accessing al Mark II functions.
Internal Library
The Mark II comes standard with 650 songs organized into 15 libraries and 19 albums. Additional user created libraries can be added and thousands of MIDI files stored into those libraries and albums.
External USB Storage
Universal connection to mass storage devices, such as external USB hard drive, jump drive, floppy drive and others, for users who want to save and organize very large music libraries and play lists.
Audio CD
To play standard audio CDs or Music Minus One tracks, for listening or playing along with the band.
Player Piano CD
To recognize and play popular Analog to MIDI player piano format CDs.
Store and access large number of MIDI files as data CD.
Simple Play

After the system is completely powered on, pressing the YES button starts playback

Internal Libraries

Pre-programmed; 15 libraries, 19 Albums 650 songs, also user programmable

Repeat, Random

Listen to your favorite song, CD or play list uninterrupted until you press the Stop button. Random play will vary the sequence of the songs played from the source.

CD Playback

Multiple player piano format playback. Audio CD, Data CD and Stars and Tracks (selected commercial audio CDs synchronized to piano accompaniment tracks.


There are 3 USB ports to connect storage devices or Wi-Fi modules to.


On screen help functions


Calibration process, diagnostics, setup and adjustment


Internet setup, status and connection


Audio Left/Right balance control


Audio Treble and Bass adjustment


Piano playback expression options: Soft, Medium and Deep


MIDI playback tempo control; + - 50%


MIDI format transpose; + - 2 octaves

Split Play

Mute/Un-mute left or right hand playback

Split Note

Select split point


Copy files from external source to internal memory, from memory to external device, from library to library or to album


Rename libraries, albums and songs


Delete songs, albums or libraries

.Add Pl

Create play list Copy


CD, USB, LIB (Library), ALL (Play List)


Adjust audio accompaniment


Exit current function or selection


Select menu functions


Start playback/yes, stop playback/no


Mute piano and audio

OPT (Options)

Multi function button


Select tracks, albums and more


Unlock songs, albums or libraries. All the libraries are unlocked on Mark II


Eject CD

Disp (Display)

Display song name, source content, playback time

A-B Repeat

Loop selected section of the song


Program wake-up or snooze time

Album - +

Select album


To access song files higher than #10

In order to continually improve the design, quality and performance of our instruments and to make use of the best materials at all times, Gibson reserves the right to change specifications without notice. Additionally, because Gibson brand guitars are handcrafted, it is normal for wood grains, finishes and some measurements to vary from those listed on this Web site. As always, the prices listed are the Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price. Please contact an authorized Gibson dealer in your area for the most current pricing.