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Pickups Model
The Joan Jett Blackheart is equipped with a single zebra coil (black-and-cream) BurstBucker 3 pickup in the bridge position. Recognized as one of Gibson’s most accurate vintage PAF humbucker reproductions, the BurstBucker 3 is made with an unpolished Alnico II magnet and enamel-coated wire just like the originals of the late ’50s, and is wound to replicate a higher output range that only a small percentage of the original pickups presented. Also like the originals, that were produced with hand-operated machinery, the BurstBucker 3 has slightly mismatched coils for more edge and “single-coil” like snap and clarity in the final tone. Pickups
Tonal Characteristics
The BurstBucker 3 offers an outstanding blend of punch and power, with enough output to grind out crunching power cords and singing leads alike, while it can also wail sweetly with plenty of depth and warmth when the Tone and Volume are dialed back.
Volume and Tone Controls
With a single pickup, the Joan Jett Blackheart uses single Volume and Tone controls. The former consists of a high-quality 300k linear pot, while the latter comprises a 500k non-linear pot with a .022uF capacitor for a smooth, natural attenuation of highs. Tone and Volume Controls
Toggle Switch
The Gibson USA Joan Jett Blackheart features a single two-way “kill switch” that can turn off all sound from the guitar when instant silence is desired. It is mounted sideways (with an east-to-west orientation) so it can’t accidentally be knocked into the “off” position while playing. For the creative guitarist this also opens up some possibilities for dramatic electronic on/off stacatto effects. Toggle Switch
Output Jack
The guitar features a 1⁄4” output jack made by Switchcraft. Its super heavy duty construction holds your guitar cable securely in place. Output Jacks