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A Lean, Mean Rockin' Machine Introducing the Joan Jett Blackheart
Joan Jett Blackheart
From laying the foundations of punk with The Runaways in the mid to late ’70s, to scoring hit after hit with her own band The Blackhearts, Joan Jett has long been devoted to her Gibson guitars, and to one hard-traveled, heavily modified mutt of an old Melody Maker in particular.

Jett knows that her Gibsons—from the most elite Les Paul to the humblest “student” model—have the power to grind out the rock like no other guitar, and whether chunking down the punk power chords or wailing out scorching leads, they get the job done every time. "I got my Melody Maker in 1977," Jett says about the guitar she has made one of the most iconic instruments in rock and roll. "It was light and it sounded great. It was the guitar I had in the Runaways and then played on all my hits, like 'I Love Rock N' Roll' and 'Bad Reputation' and 'Do You Wanna Touch Me.' It's my baby."
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