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Pickups Model
The Les Paul Studio ’60s Tribute is equipped with a pair of Gibson’s P-90 single-coil pickups, as used on original Les Pauls from 1952-56, and on the first Les Paul reissue of 1968. Gibson USA’s P-90s are acclaimed as the finest reproductions of original 1950s P-90s available today. Pickups
Magnet Material
Gibson’s P-90 pickups use Alnico V magnets for a rich, warm response with plenty of bite. Magnet Material
Tonal Characteristics
Although they are among Gibson’s oldest pickup designs, P-90s have retained devoted followers for more than 60 years. These single-coil pickups have about the same output power as vintage PAF humbucking pickups, with a little more punching power in the midrange, added high-end bite, and a raw, slightly grainy voice overall that makes them perfect for rock and roll, blues, roots-rock, and countless other styles of music.
Volume Controls
The Les Paul Studio ’60s Tribute uses an individual volume control for each pickup, which consists of a quality 300k linear potentiometer for a smooth, natural volume roll-off. Volume Controls
Tone Controls
The Les Paul Studio ’60s Tribute features individual tone controls for each pickup. The pots have ohm readings of 500k and are non-linear. Tone Controls
Toggle Switch
The Les Paul Studio ’60s Tribute features one three-way Switchcraft toggle switch. In the down position, only the bridge pickup is active. In the middle position, both pickups are active. In the up position, only the neck pickup is active. Toggle Switch
Output Jack
The guitar features a 1/4” output jack made by Switchcraft. Its super heavy duty construction holds your guitar cable securely in place. Output Jacks