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The body of each Les Paul Studio ’60s Tribute is crafted from chambered mahogany, joined to a solid carved maple top with ultra-strong Franklin Titebond 50 glue. These classic tonewoods have yielded some of the most legendary sounds in the history of rock. Body Species
Tonal Characteristics
Mahogany is a medium-dense wood with excellent resonance and superior sustain, and it offers a rich, round, warm tone, but with plenty of high-end sheen and good midrange presence. Add a solid maple top, and the guitar’s tone is enhanced with added clarity, sustain and definition. The body’s chambering also enhances its mellow acoustic resonance, and adds further air to the midrange content.  
The Les Paul Studio ’60s Tribute follows the classic lines of the Les Paul Standard, with a gently arched top and a single cutaway on the treble side of the neck/body joint for improved upper-fret access. The body’s back is routed with a number of chambers which serve to both reduce overall weight, and to enhance the guitar’s resonance. Body Design
Average Weight
The average weight of a Les Paul Studio ’60s Tribute body is 5.13 lbs, which is in the normal range for a Gibson guitar. Weight
Available Finishes
The Les Paul Studio ’60s Tribute is finished your choice of Worn Gold, Worn Honey Burst, Worn Heritage Cherry, Worn White or Worn Ebony. Worn Honey Burst
(Also available Left-handed)
Worn Cherry Burst Worn Gold Top
(Also available Left-handed)
Worn Ebony
(Also available Left-handed)
Worn White
Surface Texture
A grain-textured satin finish with 30-sheen lacquer gives the Les Paul Studio ’60s Tribute a pre-worn look that enhances its vintage image, and offers a smooth, comfortable playing feel.
The Les Paul Studio ’60s Tribute is hand-finished in nitrocellulose in a process that is carefully monitored to ensure minimum build-up, in an effort to produce a finish that breathes with the guitar and enhances natural resonance, and the final coat is hand-rubbed with a flattening agent to enhance its aged appearance. Unlike many other manufacturers, who settle for a polyurethane finish, Gibson opts for a nitrocellulose finish that will encourage the natural vibration of the instrument for a purer tone. In addition, a nitro finish is very porous and actually gets thinner over time.
$1,399 msrp

(Also available Left-handed)