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A Slim-Neck Les Paul
Sprung from the Ashes
Les Paul Studio '60s Tribute Darkback
Les Paul Studio '60s Tribute Darkback
Ever since its arrival on the scene in 1983, the Les Paul Studio model has been a firm favorite with guitarists looking for Les Paul tone and performance in a down-to-business package that's light on frills, heavy on swagger and easy on the pocket. In honor of unique incarnations of the Les Paul from the 1960s, Gibson USA is proud to present the Les Paul Studio '60s Tribute Darkback. With the fast SlimTaper™ neck profile first found on the great Les Paul Standards of 1960, and the P-90 pickups that appeared on the Les Paul when it was reintroduced in 1968, the Les Paul Studio '60s Tribute Darkback is a powerful and surprisingly versatile performer, at a price that won't dent the hardworking guitarist's budget. To top it off, the guitar looks great in your choice of four grain-textured satin finishes: Satin Vintage Sunburst, Satin Gold Top (Dark Back), Satin Honeyburst (Dark Back) and Satin Ebony Black, all in genuine nitrocellulose lacquer, of course.

Like the most revered Les Paul Standards of all time, this Les Paul Studio '60s Tribute Darkback starts with the classic tonewood combination of a mahogany body with solid carved maple top. Together, these woods offer outstanding tonal depth and richness from the mahogany, with superb clarity and "snap" from the maple. In this model, the strategic placement of several tone chambers enhances resonance while also reducing the guitar's overall weight. And even in this more affordable instrument from Gibson USA, the glued-in solid-mahogany neck is cut to the superior "quarter-sawn" grain orientation for greater strength and optimum resonance transfer between neck and body. A lack of body and fingerboard binding help to emphasize the no-nonsense approach of this Studio model, but a traditional pickguard and acrylic trapezoidal inlays in the guitar's Baked Maple fingerboard (a hard-wearing, heat-treated hardwood) keep it entirely in the Les Paul family, visually.

To equip the Les Paul Studio '60s Tribute Darkback with timeless tones, Gibson USA loads it with a pair of P-90s, Gibson's legendary, fat single-coil pickups made with genuine Alnico V magnets just like the originals. Offering thick, throaty tones in the neck position and plenty of snarl in the bridge, both pickups exhibit the characteristic slightly gritty bite and edge that has made the P-90 a favorite of blues and rock players for more than six decades. They are wired through the traditional complement of three-way selector switch and an independent volume and tone control for each pickup, with a high-quality Orange Drop .022uF tone cap on each tone pot. A Tune-o-matic bridge and stopbar tailpiece help to ensure solid sustain and precise intonation, while vintage-style TonePros® tuners maintain a traditional look while offering superbly smooth performance. Add it all up, and the Les Paul Studio '60s Tribute Darkback offers outstanding performance and a classic look at a great price.

Each guitar includes a Gibson Gig Bag and owner's manual, and is covered by Gibson's Limited Lifetime Warranty and 24/7/365 Customer Service.
Starting at
Pricing & Finish Options
  • Satin Honeyburst Dark Back
    $1,399 msrp
  • Satin Gold Top Dark Back
    $1,399 msrp
  • Satin Ebony
    $1,399 msrp
  • Satin Vintage Sunburst
    $1,399 msrp
Product Features
  • Mahogany body with Baked Maple fingerboard
  • Slim, fast '60s style neck profile
  • Available in four satin '50s-style Finishes
  • Two Gibson USA P-90 Pickups
  • High-quality Orange Drop tone capacitors
  • Vintage-Style tuners with perloid buttons
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