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LP-Z Circuit

The Dusk Tiger features a Built-in LP-Z High Definition Impedance Circuit, designed and named in honor of the late Les Paul’s constant quest for high-definition guitar tone.
The Dusk Tiger’s vastly improved output jacks also include a built-in active, low-impedance converter comprising Gibson’s new, proprietary LP-Z High Definition Impedance Circuit. The player can select either a traditional, passive high-z output, or the LP-Z’s active low-z output.
High Fidelity
The LP-Z creates an immediate improvement in fidelity, allowing you to run long lengths of cable without losing any quality, delivering the highest definition sound that has ever come from an electric guitar. The difference has been compared to the visual difference in moving from old low-definition TV systems to a new high-def system, and the clarity and depth of tonal improvement that it brings to the game have to be heard to be believed.