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The Dusk Tiger is equipped with unique, top of the line hardware, bringing you one great, solid feature after another.
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Tuning Keys
The headstock of the is equipped with Gibson’s revolutionary Robot Tuners™. The redesigned Robot Tuners™ on the Dusk Tiger are significantly smaller and lighter, and more in line with the size and weight of conventional tuners. They're also radically faster.

You can now access any preset tuning in less than one second, which means you can realistically change tunings in the middle of a song, if needed. What's more, the tuners are now automatically engaged to operate both electronically or individually by hand.

Tuning Capacity/Battery Longevity
The Dusk Tiger's battery system and power circuit have also been significantly improved to last nearly twice as long, even with the guitar's enhanced performance. You can now expect nearly 500 tunings from a single charge.
Strap Buttons
The guitar’s aluminum strap buttons are the same style and design that Gibson has used since the early 1950s.
Tonal Characteristics
Gibson’s Burst Bucker 3 is a highly acclaimed PAF-style humbucker, wound to the hotter side of the vintage spectrum for plenty of cutting power and excellent midrange punch, while retaining the warmth and richness that these legendary pickups are known for.

The P-90h is a radical new design that captures all of the traditional P-90 single-coil’s depth and dimension in the neck position, with outstanding clarity and high-end sheen, but rejects the annoying 60-cycle hum that such pickups can be prone to.

The Dusk Tiger’s piezo-pickup bridge is truly a “sky’s-the-limit” pickup option, which yields convincing acoustic-style tones at the twist of a knob, while also providing the Dusk Tiger’s secret-weapon digital tone arsenal via the RIP break-out box. Together, these three pickup sources offer tonal options that are literally unlimited.
The model carries a unique new pickguard design plated in Dusk Tiger chrome.
Truss Rod Cover
The guitar’s headstock is adorned with a unique Dusk Tiger-chromed truss rod cover, in the shape of Gibson’s traditional antique bell truss rod cover.
The Dusk Tiger carries a groundbreaking reinvention of the classic Tune-o-matic which actually consists of six individual piezo pickups — one for each saddle/string — so the Dusk Tiger’s bridge is not only a functional piece of hardware, but is also at the heart of the guitar’s tonal capabilities.
The Dusk Tiger carries a tailpiece designed by Gibson to provide excellent resonant coupling between strings and body and a sturdy, efficient termination point to enhance tuning stability. This tailpiece is made from Zamak and plated in chrome.
The Dusk Tiger is equipped with two of Gibson’s most popular pickups, a Burst Bucker 3 in the lead (bridge) position, and a P-90h in the rhythm (neck) position, a new hum-canceling update of the traditional P-90 single coil. Both magnetic pickups carry new black plastic covers, which are unique to Dusk Tiger.

The guitar is further equipped with a revolutionary Gibson-designed piezo bridge, which consists of a modified Tune-o-matic-style bridge loaded with individual piezo pickups for each of its string saddles.

Magnet Material
Gibson’s Burst Bucker 3 uses a rough Alnico 2 bar magnet, while the P-90h carries two Alnico V bar magnets.
Control Knobs
The volume control knobs are chromed knobs with abalone inserts, alongside a master tone control carrying a black speed knob, and an illuminated MCK II knob.
The Dusk Tiger is fitted with genuine Gibson strings, sizes .010 - .046.