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The Dusk Tiger features revolutionary electronics, engineered to deliver unlimited tonal and tuning possibilities.
Master Control Knob
The key to controlling the powerful functions of the Dusk Tiger is the Master Control Knob (MCK II), which controls the brain behind this miraculous instrument and allows you to access both the guitar’s unlimited tonal possibilities and its automatic tuning capabilities.

The MCK II has been completely redesigned for simpler, faster, and more intuitive function, with much improved ergonomics and a sophisticated full color matrix display featuring LEDs and high-tech light pipe technology. These features work to deliver a more powerful and easier to see visual display under any light condition.

In addition to the MCK II's top mounted display, LED-lit symbols now adorn its outer edge, which blend with the color of the knob so that they're only visible when lit. The Dusk Tiger's new MCK II also controls the ability to access preset tone settings, allowing you the ability to adjust tone and tunings automatically and simultaneously, even several times during the same song.
Internal Preamplifier
The piezo pickups in the Dusk Tiger’s revolutionary bridge go through a studio-quality active amplifier that allows for a stronger and more natural acoustic guitar sound. Combined, the two classic electromagnetic pickups and the piezo bridge pickup are wired in such a way to allow each individual coil to be used in a switching matrix, giving you near-infinite tonal combinations and an incredible array of sonic possibilities.
Volume Controls
The Dusk Tiger uses an individual Volume control for each pickup, each of which uses a high-quality linear potentiometer for a smooth, natural roll off.
Tone Potentiometer and CPA
The Dusk Tiger carries a master tone control that comprises a high-quality 500K non-linear potentiometer, and has been engineered for a fluid and natural roll off of the guitars highs, yielding a broad and very usable range of voices. 
Active Parametric EQ
The Dusk Tiger also carries two full active four-band parametric EQ networks, one for the magnetic pickups and one for the piezo bridge. These extremely powerful EQ systems can fine tune either or both of the Dusk Tiger’s analog signals to carve out the precise voice needed for your tonal requirements.

Parametric EQ settings can also be included in your saved tone presets, to be recalled instantly right alongside pickup and coil selections.
Toggle Switch
The Dusk Tiger features a unique, multi-function toggle switch which provides standard switching between the magnetic pickups, plus a revolutionary blend control that is built into its lever, and allows the player to quickly determine the ratio of magnetic to piezo tone in the guitar’s output.
Output Jack
The Dusk Tiger’s multi-function output jacks have been totally re-engineered for improved performance and function with a locking Neutrick jack that accepts 1/4" stereo (stereo cord included), 1/4" mono, and XLR. The 1/4" stereo jack provides independent magnetic and piezo signals and allows for the full use of the Robot Interface Pack's (RIP) capabilities. The XLR delivers a balanced mono signal while the 1/4" mono combines the magnetic and piezo signals into one for use with a more traditional mono guitar amplifier.
The Dusk Tiger’s vastly improved output jacks also include a built-in active, low-impedance converter comprising Gibson’s new, proprietary LP-Z High Definition Impedance Circuit, designed and named in honor of the late Les Paul’s constant quest for high-definition guitar tone.

The player can select either a traditional, passive high-z output, or the LP-Z’s active low-z output. The LP-Z creates an immediate improvement in fidelity, allowing you to run long lengths of cable without losing any quality, delivering the highest definition sound that has ever come from an electric guitar.

The difference has been compared to the visual difference in moving from old low-definition TV systems to a new high-def system, and the clarity and depth of tonal improvement that it brings to the game have to be heard to be believed.
Robot Interface Pack (RIP)
Every Dusk Tiger works entirely independent as a finely crafted, highly playable, and extremely versatile analog electric guitar, but when leashed to its RIP (included) the Dusk Tiger becomes the controller of a veritably infinite creative suite.

The RIP provides a versatile connection to Windows or Mac computers, via a single FireWire cable, to release Dusk Tiger’s ultimate tonal abilities, live or in the studio, via the system’s access to countless recording applications and software effects processors, including Ableton Live 8 Gibson Studio Edition which come with every Dusk Tiger guitar.

Use the included software to record your latest ideas, access hundreds of different guitar effects and amplifiers, create backing tracks, and much more. A Roland GK-13 compatible MIDI cable (13-pins) is also included in the package.