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Chameleon Tone

Create, customize and share with Dusk Tiger's Chameleon Tone-Editing Software - all on your computer.
Chameleon Tone Watch the Video
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Gibson Chameleon Editor 1.0.9  
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Chameleon Tone Manual 1.2 PDF  
The Chameleon Tone-Editing Software allows you to fully customize your tone and tuning presets and upload them to your guitar.
Precision Editing
The software provides an intuitive, user friendly interface for editing EQ settings and frequencies, changing pickup configurations, creating alternate tunings, and developing presets for your personalized tone and tuning banks.
Unlimited Possibilities
To create your own Chameleon tones and tunings simply connect your guitar to the RIP box and activate the MCK. With a few clicks of the mouse, you can change each string's note or frequency, as well as switch between pickup types including single-coil, double-coil, double-coil out of phase, and double-coil parallel. The possibilities are unlimited with 4 Band EQ customization of your magnetic and piezo pickups.