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Dusk Tiger - Hardshell Case - Detail ShotAccessories

In addition to the guitar itself, the Dusk Tiger package includes a great lineup of accessories designed to maximize your experience.
Hardshell Case
Your Dusk Tiger comes protected in a black Gibson hardshell case with 'Dusk Tiger Limited Edition' printed on the outside and tiger stripes inside the top of the case. Dusk Tiger - Hardshell Case

Ableton Live 8 - Gibson Studio Edition
The exclusive Gibson version of Ableton Live software provides Dusk Tiger owners with the ability to record, play loops and perform every other function needed to play in any live or studio setting. Enjoy the benefits of using the same virtual studio software and stage solution package already used by hundreds of touring professionals all around the world. Ableton Live 8 - Gibson Studio Edition
Robot Interface Pack (RIP)
Every Dusk Tiger works entirely independent as a finely crafted, highly playable, and extremely versatile analog electric guitar, but when leashed to its RIP (included) the Dusk Tiger becomes the controller of a veritably infinite creative suite.

FireWire cable The RIP provides a versatile connection to Windows or Mac computers, via a single FireWire cable, to release Dusk Tiger’s ultimate tonal abilities, live or in the studio, via the system’s access to countless recording applications and software effects processors, including Ableton Live 8 Gibson Studio Edition which come with every Dusk Tiger guitar.

Use these programs to record your latest ideas, access hundreds of different guitar effects and amplifiers, create backing tracks, and much more.
Robot Interface Pack (RIP)
Accessory Pack
Every Dusk Tiger comes equipped with a FireWire cable, a Roland GK-13 compatible Midi cable (13 pins), stereo instrument cable, battery charger with extra battery, and a European power adapter. Accessory Pack