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A Do-It-All Les Paul from Rock's Most Versatile Artist

For an inspiring blend of classic Les Paul Standard electric tone and versatile electro-acoustic performance, look no further than the Chad Kroeger "Blackwater" Les Paul. Starting with the timeless tonewoods that have made the Les Paul great for 60 years, the Chad Kroeger "Blackwater" Les Paul uses a mahogany body with strategically placed chambers for weight relief and sonic resonance and caps it with a solid maple top, giving you the warmth and depth of mahogany and bite and sparkle of maple in a best-of-both-worlds concoction that has never been beaten.

More than just any old maple, though, Gibson selects AAA-grade flamed maple and gives it a hand-stained Trans Black finish in high-gloss nitrocellulose, which brings stunning depth and dimension to this gorgeous wood. Gibson's traditional hardware set, upgraded to include Grover kidney button tuners, keeps it all solid and singing, but in this case the Tune-o-matic-style bridge hides a potent secret: GraphTech™'s Ghost® System employs piezo bridge saddles to provide an authentic acoustic tone from a standard electric guitar, taking the Chad Kroeger "Blackwater" Les Paul's sonic potential into the stratosphere.

Patch the acoustic sound to its own amp or PA board via the guitar's stereo output jack, and you've got instant, stage-ready acoustic tones at the twist of a knob. Or, blend it with the traditional magnetic pickup tone to create sounds that are all your own. When you want to get purely down and dirty, run straight through the Chad Kroeger "Blackwater" Les Paul's traditional Alnico-magnetic humbuckers – two of Gibson's most popular pickups. A 490R in the neck position offers impressive depth and warmth, while a hotter 498T in the bridge position gives you all the snarl and growl required for searing crunch tones and singing rock leads. Whatever your own creative endeavors require, the Chad Kroeger "Blackwater" Les Paul offers a voice to get the job done.

The "Blackwater" also features Chad's ingenious idea of adding star decal markers along the upper back fretboard aligned with the standard fret markers that allow him to see where his hand is positioned when playing on a darkened stage.

Each guitar comes protected in a black hardshell Gibson case with plush lining, includes full owner's manual and adjustment literature, and is covered by Gibson's Limited Lifetime Warranty and 24/7/365 Customer Service.
Body and Finish
The body of the Chad Kroeger "Blackwater" Les Paul is made from a top carved from highly figured Grade-AAA maple and a back of chambered select mahogany. This combination offers the classic tonal advantages of bright, crisp maple and warm, juicy mahogany, with enhanced resonance and reduced weight. The guitar is finished in hand-stained in Trans Black and finished in nitrocellulose lacquer, with painted white stars on the side of the neck corresponding with the position markers.
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Neck, Fingerboard and Headstock
The neck of the Chad Kroeger "Blackwater" Les Paul is constructed from solid quarter-sawn mahogany for optimum strength and resonance, and capped with a bound Grade-A rosewood fingerboard with traditional trapezoid inlays. Plus, the neck features Kroeger’s own idea of adding white star decals along the upper back fretboard, aligned with the standard fret markers, which allow you to see where your hand is positioned when playing on a darkened stage. Its headstock is back-angled at the traditional 17 degrees, a design point that increases string pressure in the nut slots to enhance resonance and sustain.
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Neck and Headstock
Pickups and Electronics
The Chad Kroeger "Blackwater" Les Paul carries a powerful complement of pickups, including Gibson's 490R and 498T from the popular Modern Classics series, and a GraphTech™ Ghost® system in the form of a piezo-pickup bridge for authentic acoustic tones. All three pickups are routed through individual volume controls, with a master tone control, a three-way switch for the humbuckers, and a stereo jack to split signals as desired.
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Hardware & Electronics
In classic Les Paul style, the Chad Kroeger "Blackwater" Les Paul is appointed with the combo of chrome-plated GraphTech™ ResoMax™ Tune-o-matic-style bridge with piezo saddles and stopbar tailpiece for rock-solid tones and precise intonation adjustment. Its headstock is loaded with high-quality Grover kidney-button tuners.
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