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Kill Switch Loaded, and
Ready for Rock Mayhem!
Buckethead Les Paul Studio
Buckethead Les Paul Studio
A talent as large and unique as that of Buckethead (aka Brian Patrick Carroll) requires an equally unique guitar to get the job done, and for years this unusual artist has expressed his musical personality through highly customized Gibson Les Paul-style instruments. To bring the rarified look and tone of Buckethead's own guitars to hardworking rock guitarists, Gibson USA introduces the Buckethead Les Paul Studio. Packing all the power and sonic versatility of the upscale Buckethead Signature Les Paul, the Buckethead Les Paul Studio offers unparalleled potential for 21st century sonic mayhem, at a price every tone twister can afford.

At a glance, the Buckethead Les Paul Studio might appear to be just a "modified Les Paul with a satin white finish," but a closer look reveals a plethora of hidden specs that make this an extremely unusual guitar. With an oversized, chambered Les Paul body, a fingerboard that is made from baked maple and devoid of position markers, and Buckethead's personal choice of Gibson's contemporary ceramic humbucking pickups—complete with modified electronics including "arcade" style kill switches and a push/pull tone control for splitting the bridge pickup—this is a Les Paul like none to have come before. It's primed to get you noticed, and designed for utmost performance for the contemporary rock, metal, and shred performer.

The Buckethead Les Paul Studio's extended 27" scale length offers unprecedented harmonic shimmer and a firm low end like nothing you have ever heard in a six-string electric, and helps you to create your own unique voice and styling, whether you keep it in standard tuning or drop it into any of the alternative dropped and open tunings that it handles so well. A chambered mahogany body with solid carved maple top not only reduces the weight of this oversized instrument, but retains the classic rich yet clear tonal signature of the Les Paul Standard. Gibson's legendary Tune-o-matic bridge and stopbar tailpiece keep it all locked and loaded, while a Satin White finish offers a fast and tactile playing feel straight out of the case. With the Les Paul Studio's down-to-business appeal and Buckethead's unique specs and modifications, the Buckethead Les Paul Studio is primed to achieve tonal heights attainable by no other guitar out there.

Each guitar includes a Gibson hardshell case and owner's manual, and comes protected by Gibson's Limited Lifetime Warranty and 24/7/365 Customer Service.
Starting at
Pricing & Finish
  • Satin White
Product Features
  • Oversized, chambered Mahogany body with Satin White finish
  • Dark, durable baked Maple fingerboard
  • Coil-tapped 496R neck and 500T bridge humbucking pickups
  • Two custom "arcade" style push-button kill switches allow dramatic performance effects
  • Schaller™ locking keystone tuners with 16:1 ratio
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