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Signature Sound From a Signature Guitar Nicknamed “Floyd”Billie Joe Armstrong Les Paul Jr.
Billie Joe Armstrong Les Paul Jr
Gibson is proud to introduce the Billie Joe Armstrong Les Paul Junior. Designed in close cooperation with Billie Joe, the signature guitar is modeled closely after "Floyd," Billie Joe's original 1956 Les Paul Junior. With a solid mahogany body and neck and nickel hardware, the Billie Joe Armstrong Les Paul Junior combines the best features of a vintage Junior with some modern twists.
Starting at
Pricing & Finish Options
  • Vintage Sunburst
  • Ebony
Product Features
  • Mahogany body
  • Granadillo fingerboard with acrylic dot inlays
  • Powerful single coil P-90H pickup
  • Nickel plated wraparound Tailpiece/Bridge
  • Leopard Spot Print Gibson Hardshell case
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