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Pickups Model
The Randy Rhoads 1974 Les Paul Custom is equipped with a pair of Gibson Custom's new Super '74 Humbucker pickups, units designed to accurately replicate the sound of the Gibson humbuckers of the early to mid 1970s, beloved of countless rock legends. Both pickups are wound with 42 AWG wire and measure approximately 7.4k to 7.6k ohms, and both are wax potted to prevent microphonic squeal at high volume levels. Pickups
Magnet Material
Gibson's Super '74 Humbuckers are made with genuine Alnico 3 magnets, just like many Gibson humbuckers of the early to mid '70s. Magnet Material
Tonal Characteristics
In the neck position, the Super '74 Humbucker provides a warm, creamy, vocal tone that excels at blues-rock and rock-ballad solos. In the bridge position, the Super '74 offers a cutting, edgy, aggressive sound, resulting in a screaming rock lead tone through a high-gain amplifier. Both positions offer outstanding sustain.
Volume Controls
Just like the original, the Randy Rhoads 1974 Les Paul Custom uses an independent Volume control for each pickup, which consists of a quality CTS 500k audio-taper potentiometer for a smooth, natural volume roll-off. Volume Control Knobs
Tone Controls
Individual CTS 500k audio-taper potentiometers with .022mF tone capacitors provide independent tone controls for each pickup. Tone Control Knobs
Toggle Switch
The Randy Rhoads 1974 Les Paul Custom features the classic three-way Switchcraft toggle switch with cream plastic tip. Toggle Switch
Output Jack
The guitar features a 1⁄4" output jack made by Switchcraft, for years of trouble-free service. Output Jacks