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The Ultimate Solid Body Guitar
1957 Les Paul Custom 3 PU VOS

"Here is the ultimate in a solid body guitar... 'The Fretless Wonder'... The Incomparable Les Paul Custom Guitar," — Gibson catalog, circa mid-1950s

The introduction of Gibson's Les Paul Model in 1952 marked the beginning of the electric solid body guitar era. The launch of the company's "deluxe" version two years later – the Les Paul Custom – cemented Gibson's legacy as the industry leader. Nicknamed the "Fretless Wonder" for its low frets, or "Black Beauty" for its rich, contrasting color, the Les Paul Custom was introduced at the same time as the Gibson Les Paul Junior and represented the ultimate in Gibson solid body design at the time.

This model is available in a gloss finish with both two and three pickup choices. MSRP for the gloss models are $6,821.

Starting at

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